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Vertical Stealth Digital is an SEO firm in Gilbert Arizona; essentially a virtual moving company that moves your website from the depths of Google where no one is seeing it onto page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. This is done through the process of Search Engine Optimization by an expert in the field. More visibility means more revenue for your company. We educate our clients on the concept that your website is no longer a large and colorful business card but a revenue-producing marketing tool that can be found in the search engines and become a major gateway of additional and ongoing revenue for your product or business.  We are constantly testing the Google algorithms. Our main goal is to always be informed ready to act on changes that will affect our client’s Gilbert website rankings which for them could lead to reduced revenue if their SEO does not stay up to date.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method by which websites and web pages are essentially tuned up so that they can be found in the search engines. SEO affects a website’s visibility and makes it so it can be moved to page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The process is organic or unpaid traffic not paid advertising This is a complex process that can take some time to achieve. SEO involves many strategies and tactics. The main strategy is making sure that your website has useful, interesting and compelling content. If your site gets found, but has no content to keep visitors engaged then it has not done it’s job. SEO also involves, the process of making sure the site is read correctly by Google. For example, you are better off with a page header that reads “more info about AC repair in Gilbert” instead of simply “more info.” This lets Google and other search engines know that the site truly is about AC repair and it is more likely to receive a higher value, therefore, achieve a greater page ranking. Interlinking your site’s pages to other pages within your site helps visitors remain longer and learn more about you and your services. Finally, it is very important to get your pages optimized correctly so that they are Google, Yahoo, and Bing friendly. These five search engine optimization methods are the beginning and of course they are just basic structure to explain the concept.

Why Do You Need SEO and What Can it Do for Your Business?

In today’s world of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, newspaper ads and yellow pages are all but obsolete. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the gateways to all things business, professional services, products, and information. No surprise there, we have all been using search engines for years now. Do you have a business in Gilbert Arizona? Do you get business directly from the search engines? If not, this is the reason to have SEO done on your website. Whether you are a doctor, consultant, small business owner, or MLM rep, you are going to need traffic to grow your business. If your site is not optimized, Google and the other search engines won’t have it indexed and viewed in such a way that you get traffic. With SEO, your Gilbert business can begin to grow with new customers and those new customers can become repeat customers.

What if there were 200 searches a month in your area for your niche, 100 of them found your site and 25 bought your service? If each new customer is worth $375, that is $9,375 of added revenue per month and $112,500 per year. SEO helps get you on page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that your website can be found. If you would like to have your Gilbert business site evaluated at no cost, click on the Discovery Form at the top.

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

With seemingly every American having and using smartphones, the majority of Google searches are searches coming from those devices. Now, there is no need to wait to get to get on a desktop or laptop computer. Searches happen almost instantly; from the time someone thinks of a need to search to the time they have search results, only seconds have passed. For you, that could mean business. Is your site mobile friendly right now? If not, you are losing out on 50%-60% of searches and potential clients and sales. For example, if you are an Attorney and someone has a wreck in Gilbert Arizona, they probably won’t remember the billboard that they passed a few miles back. They are getting on their smartphone and searching for an Attorney in Gilbert right on the spot. You will not be found if your site is not mobile-friendly. If you would like for your site to be evaluated for free, click on the Discovery Form at the top of the page and fill that out completely and we can assess your site. Do a quick check for mobile friendliness here:


SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Get your website ranked on page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your Gilbert, AZ business. Fill out our Discovery Form for a free website optimization analysis.
YouTube video ranking: Get your money video optimized to be shown on page one for your keywords
Mobile Optimization: make your site smartphone friendly. Google only shows searches on smartphones that are optimized for mobile searches. Over 50% of searches are from smartphones.

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